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Why should I care
about flooring?

Everyone aims for a comfortable and cozy ambiance at home – the floor is a crucial element to get there. Before installing a new floor at home, make sure you take into consideration:

Your living spaces and lifestyle

A durable and resistant underlayment

A long-lasting sustainable choice

Why do I need
an underlayment?

The underlayment is a hidden layer added during floor installation to enhance comfort and durability. It improves thermal/acoustic insulation and water resistance, creating the comfortable environment you’re looking for.


Long-Term Durability 


Acoustic and Thermal Insulation


Natural and Sustainable 


Walking Comfort

What is the ideal
solution for my floor?

Solutions for Ceramic
and Natural Stone Floors

Underlayments for impact noise and thermal insulation. Protects the floor from damage, ensuring crack suppression.

Solutions for
LVT / SPC Floors

Underlayments for impact noise, thermal insulation and LVT/ SPC click protection.

Solutions for
Laminates Floors

Underlayments for impact, noise, and pre-attached vapor barrier for moisture protection.

Solution for
Wood-based Floors

Underlayments for impact noise and thermal insulation, a natural choice for anyone looking for a durable solution.

Why is cork
the best choice?

Compared to 100% foam underlayments, cork solutions are more durable, resistant and eco-friendly.

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Floor with FOAM underlayment

Floor with CORK underlayment

These images are merely illustrative and are only intended to represent the degradation of the final floor after the tests have been carried out.

Cork underlayment:
Fast and worry-free installation!

In addition to being more sustainable and durable, cork underlayment is much easier and faster to install compared to foam underlayment. We tested both eliminating any doubt!

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